Tech Savvy Millennial? Not Quite.


I am so excited for this class, however, I have to admit that I am slightly nervous. I’ve been teaching for 5 years and definitely feel like I fall into the stereotype of being ‘tech savvy’ because I am a young teacher. I’ve had teachers reach out to me asking questions or assuming I know something because of my age, and unfortunately I know close to nothing in this area. I don’t want it to be something I ignore or run away from simply because it intimates me. I want to embrace technology and become comfortable enough for it to become a bigger part of my classroom and how my students learn. 

I have tried my best to embrace technology a little bit more this year as I navigate teaching a split grade, but I know there is still a lot I lack. I think there are many great opportunities and resources when it comes to the classroom. Our school is a ‘Google school’, so that did help me to learn a few things when I first started teaching. I also think I was pushed to learn more when we went to online learning during the pandemic, but I often felt like I was either learning alongside my students or that the students were teaching me many technology tools. Since being back into the classroom, I still use Google Classroom to post some homework or helpful videos, but I know I’m just barely scraping the surface of the opportunities that technology can have. 

I think a part of this comes from a fear of technology, possibly the fear of it taking over our in-person communication and connections. I fear our future is moving too far one way and too quickly. I know there can and should be a balance with this, I just need to find it. I think technology needs to be here to positively impact our lives and learning. I just recently deleted all my social media, because I was struggling to still see the positive in it. I don’t want to view technology this way, I don’t want to have that bitter taste in my mouth. I keep saying I want to find that healthy balance and embrace it, so I guess I’m hoping this class can be a starting point for me!


2 responses to “Tech Savvy Millennial? Not Quite.”

  1. lauraericksonyt Avatar

    Hi Kennedy, I can relate to your post! I do not use social media at all as I never saw what was positive in it either. I still don’t…. I also have a fear of technology but this is mainly for my children. Neither child has a phone (they are 12 and 10) as I feel that it be letting them walk down a dark alley at midnight by themselves. I agree with your comment regarding finding a healthy balance. That is one of the reasons I took this course, so I can learn more about tech and how to use it for good.


  2. Hi Kennedy! Nice to be taking another class with you this semester. I agree that I can also struggle to see the positives about social media, especially when it comes to the idea of my own kids using those platforms someday — hopefully not until they are at least 21. I agree with what Laura shared in her comment as well; thinking of my daughters having an Instagram account seems pretty scary with what I’ve heard/seen from the high school students I teach, and the challenges they have faced with those platforms. I am definitely hoping social media changes for the better before my kids start using them. However, I know I will need to help my own kids navigate this complex new world we live in. When the time comes, I know I will have to teach them the skills to help them use social media in a positive way and find a better balance between online and in-person connections.


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