Childhood Should be Simple

This debate topic was one that I was pretty certain I wouldn’t flop view points on. As much as both groups had excellent presentations & made very good points, I remained the same through-out majority of the debate. Unfortunately I do think social media is ruining childhood for many children & it is something I feel quite passionate about. I do not yet have my own children, but I am already nervous for the day that they are of age to get devices and use social media. I have a lot of fear of what social media is doing for our future generations. There is so much that they do that relies on technology.

In the “Social Media is Destroying An Entire Generation of Kids” article, there is a quote that is quite disturbing to me. It states that, “Heavy social media usage for young girls is correlated more strongly with anxiety and depression than heroin use”. The fact that this is a statement to even exist, makes my stomach hurt. What are we doing to our children & our future generations? Children need to be protected & often times don’t realize the harm or danger that something is causing. Children needs to be given their innocence back, I want them to enjoy the freedom of thinking everything is easy & simple.

I mentioned earlier that I just recently deleted all my social media. This is honestly because I believe there is more harm than good when it comes to social media, especially at the young age of children. It gives such a false representation of lives and expectations. I would see friends post about how perfect and incredible their lives are and then hear the stories of frustration or struggles in person. I’m not judging anyone for how they choose to post, but can you imagine if children only see the good & ‘bragging’ moments from social media, but struggle with understanding why their lives don’t feel ‘perfect’. Children shouldn’t be comparing, childhood should be simple!


5 responses to “Childhood Should be Simple”

  1. Hi Kennedy. I can relate to you deleting your social media posts. I was on Facebook once a while ago. I stopped using it because I didn’t like the way it was making me feel. I spent too much time on it without being aware of the minutes and hours pass. I started to feel like a narcissist, wanting to know who read me, liked me, and became a friend to me…. yuck. I deleted the account and haven’t used any social media since. Now I have kids, and they see social media differently. They mainly want TIkTok and Snapchat because their friends all use the apps. Our house is and forever will be a Tik Tok free zone, so they know not to ask. My husband said he would check out Snap Chat and let the kids know about using the app, but he has “forgotten”. I watched the video posted last week by Brittany and Brendon, and it made me think about social media in a different light. There are ways to use it for good; that is what I want to teach my children. They also get to watch the Tedtalk; here it is again if you want to take a look.


  2. Thanks for your post, Kennedy. I admire you for deleting your social media accounts. It’s something I’ve considered doing as well, for similar reasons you and Laura shared. Sometimes after spending (or wasting) an hour on Instagram, I can feel pretty gross depending on what I spend my time looking at. However, I have started to unfollow accounts that are draining in order to connect more with accounts that bring me joy. For example, I follow several different dance-based accounts, as I find those can serve as inspiration for my teaching and bring me joy. And if I see something really cool online, I might even share it with my kids. I agree that kids should just get to be kids for as long as possible, without the pressure of social media weighing them down. However, when the time comes and my own kids start using social media, I hope to be able to help and guide them in using it in the most productive way possible.


    1. Hi Kennedy and Catrina! I appreciate both of your takes on this matter. I am a big advocate for “if it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t look at it!” I have spent a lot of time curating my social media platforms to only look at things that I am interested in. I, too, have felt that “gross” feeling when I waste time looking at things that annoy me. I hope that we can teach our students and our own kids to do the same right from the get go!


  3. […] Week 7 debate questioned if childhood is being ruined by technology, I feel like it is and that these kids deserve an apology. […]


  4. I enjoyed reading your post this week Kennedy, as it gave some insight to the topic that I debated. I am very proud of you recently deleting your personal social media accounts! The false representation socials can give is one of the main reasons that I stray away from social media. Instead, I invest my online time with sports and online gambling, not really healthier choices! I appreciate your support in the debate!


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