Can Society Ever Really Become Equitable?

When I read the the title, I feel guilty for thinking that we could possibly live in a society that could never become equitable. Then I think about the realistic aspects of this question and how if we haven’t become equitable or ever came close to being equitable, what makes me think it will happen? It is a doubt for sure. I hope & wish for it to become a reality, but the past hasn’t quite shown us it is capable. And even though I was on the agreeing side of the debate last week, I definitely don’t think technology will be the thing that gets us there.

Last week there were some very good points and beliefs shared during our debate discussion. I appreciated hearing everyone’s thoughts on this topic, as I am still finding myself torn on this topic. In one moment I am finding myself believing that technology has helped to advance so many things, which in return I do believe has led to a more equitable society. This includes some of our topics from last night, such as assistive technology, educational opportunities, medical services, fundraising & awareness, and much more. However, in another moment, I am returned to the factor of not being able to afford technology, which can create an even larger gap in our society,

Initially I struggled to see how to many of my classmates it wasn’t immediately clear how far we’ve come as a society with options for so many people, but of course the answer is because not everyone has access to technology and/or can afford it. All of these topics truly keep coming back to that same answer of money. Laura mentioned during our debate that it truly doesn’t have anything to do with technology, it has to do with money. Who has access to it & who does not. Unfortunately that is for many things in society, which again will continue to drive us away from creating an equitable society.

I think this debate topic is one I will continue to flip flop on, especially depending on the details we are choosing to look at it. I think there are so many factors that go into this topic & so many different statements to consider. The other group shared an incredible article, Digital equity: focusing on every Canadian’s digital future. It went into great detail regarding many of these topics & I really enjoyed reading through their perspective. It states how “We know that the internet is the greatest equalizer. Once you have access to the internet, you have access to so many different things”. This statements supports the argument they made and the points that were discussed. It is a statement that holds so much depth and truth.

I guess this was the point I really needed to remember, all of these amazing advancements & opportunities from technology are great, IF you have access to it. In the picture below, I used to think of it as the fish not being able to climb the tree because of the way it was created, for example a disability. Now I see it as the fish not having proper access to help them climb that tree. I’m aware that there are options & opportunities, but if you can’t access or afford it, then it actually isn’t providing an equitable opportunity for them.


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